What You Need To Do If You Play Games 

Most people in this modern era like to play games, especially youngsters and teenagers. There are lots of games available online and offline. In the PlayStore or App Store or even Microsoft Store, there are endless games to be played. You can download games to play offline if you want. Through online, you could even play with some people online. There are games such as Jane’s Hotels, Mobile Legends, PUBG and Slot machine malaysia. You must be wondering why some people like to play games? If you are not a gamer, here’s why. 


You Can Have The Feels Like You Are Someone Else.

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In the human brain, there is a network called mirror neurons. This cell allows humans to feel like other people and feel the experiences they experience. When you are playing games, these cells work and affect human emotions as if they were the characters in the game. If in the game you become a character who saves the world, then you will feel proud and it will appear that you really have saved the world.


Releasing Stress in Yourself 


Many people are unable to vent the stress they experience into the real world. By playing video games, a person can reduce stress or forget it for a while. When a person is connected to the game, then that person is already in a different world. That is why many video games with elements of violence are selling well, because they are a means of releasing stress that humans have.


Increase Self-Confidence and Yourself 


In the game there are levels or levels in the game. The higher the level and you achieve and complete it, the more satisfied you will be. The satisfaction and pride of this game can make your self-confidence increase.

When you communicate with online players, you could also increase your self-confidence. 

Increase The Amount Of Dopamine in Yourself 

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Dopamine is a chemical that appears when a person has a pleasurable experience. When playing video games, the body produces more dopamine and creates an addictive effect to keep playing. Yes, dopamine is one of the hormones that acts like drugs. 


Games Can Acts As An Escape

Many people like to play video games because they are too scared to face the real world. People who are lonely or have a lot of problems in their life are more likely to play video games because they are afraid to face the real world and want to be in a world where they can be someone else. In addition, video games can also be used to do things that they cannot use in the real world.


For those of you who have a lot of problems, it seems that video games can be a suitable means to reduce them.


Can Increase Knowledge Within Yourself

Teach a lot of things, both related to self-development and general or special knowledge

Although not very visible, scientists believe video games are a great learning tool. It is able to embrace fields ranging from society, natural science, to history. An example is the game The Assassin’s Creed which is always set in a historical story that has happened.