Importance of Web Hosting Uptime Explained

What is uptime? Well, it is a term that can be used to refer to a lot of things, but in the context of websites and web hosting, it means that it is a gauge or a measure of how long a service has been up and running without fail.

Web hosting uptime, to put it succinctly, is a measure of web servers operating without fail to provide consistent web hosting services to a company’s clients.

Top hosting companies would always report 99% server uptime, but as you will learn in this article, that may not be as accurate (and convincing) as it may seem. Do read further to learn the importance of web hosting uptime and what it means to a website owner.

The Biggest Problem of Web Hosting Uptime

The biggest problem that I (and other experts) can see when it comes to measuring web hosting uptime is that there is no tangible way of verifying the information. So, if hosting companies promise you that they offer 99% server uptime or service reliability, then you cannot do anything else other than taking their word for it.

Now, we are accustomed to believing that any number that is close to 100 is good and 99% is just a single digit away from that magic number. However, 99% uptime may not be as convincing as it may seem on the surface.

You see, when companies say that, what is their basis for such a statement? What time are they basing it on? Well, if you ask me, it is open to interpretation. Do they mean 99% uptime per month? Per year? Per day?

Let’s take a month as an example. If we are to use the 99% uptime guarantee, that would translate to 3.6 hours every month. That means that your website could potentially go down up to 3.6 every month, assuming that they’ve indeed delivered on the promise of giving you 99% service uptime.

What is the Deal for Server Uptime Guarantees?

Since web hosts are basically business entities, they always want to use the most flowery words in the hopes of enticing potential customers to sign up. One of the most alluring (yet misleading) things that they might promise to you is the server uptime guarantee.

Here is how it works:

Whenever your website is down, may it be due to a surge in internet traffic or that there are problems with your hosting provider’s servers, you could potentially lose a lot of profits or revenues. This is even more so if you are running an online store.

As compensation, some hosting providers would give you some money to mitigate the losses that might be incurred as a result of website or server downtime.

The problem with this is that server uptime guarantees, if you are going to be compensated, does not cover most or all of your losses in the time that your website is down.

There are also some companies with stringent requirements in that your website should be down for ‘x’ amount of time before you can even get any compensation.

In conclusion, web hosting uptime is crucial and if you are going to look for a hosting provider, take what they say with a grain of salt, especially in terms of service reliability.