How to Choose the Best Watch Face?

There are many men’s watches on the market but one that is truly gaining popularity in this day and age is a fitness watch. Also known as a fitness tracker, it can help provide a lot of meaningful information to the user aside from its usual timekeeping abilities, such as knowing what your current heart rate is, how many steps you’ve taken thus far, your current location, and a whole slew of others. One of the things that I love about a fitness watch is they are quite customizable. The Huawei Watch GT is an amazing example of this. By default, it comes with a leather strap but the company has also included a resin band if you prefer. You can quickly and easily interchange the two bands depending on your use-case.

Another great feature of the said watch (and others that have a similar feature) is that you can use your smartphone to change its watch face. The watch’s face is basically what you see on the main display. Things like the hour, the minute, the seconds, and since we are talking about a fitness watch, the number of steps you’ve taken, your current heart rate, among many others. If you are looking for recommendations about the perfect watch face that you should use, do read further to find out.

Use One with Fewer Complications

There are some people that would want a watch that has a much simpler interface. By using an appropriate app, you can tweak the watch face of your fitness tracker as you please. For people who prefer fewer watch complications, you would want a usual 12-hour watch face that is akin to the analog watches that you can find on the market. Of course, since it is a fitness watch, the watch face may still display a step counter and your heart rate monitor, but that is probably it.

The 24-Hour Time

There are some people that would prefer using a watch that tells the time on a 24-hour basis. Typically, military personnel or people that truly want to know what time it is would choose this over the usual 12-hour display.

Digital Goodness

For the most part, you want your watch face to provide you with a digital display. This is great because it can provide you with more information to the fore than opting for an analog display. That being said, aside from the heart rate monitor and step tracker, you can also choose to include other features as well, including (but not limited to) the weather, GPS, messages/emails, and so much more. Note: Keep in mind that implementing more features would mean that it could possibly spend more battery than having a much simpler interface. Still, fitness watches are meant to provide you with different information at any time so whether you prefer a simple UI or one that has all the data that you need, it should work as intended (though battery life varies with use).