Great Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate with the Help of SEO

There is an ongoing war between SEO and CRO. On one end, search engine optimization is the utilization of different techniques that will help make your website more visible online.

On the other end, Conversion Rate Optimization is a combination of different tactics that ultimately help increase conversion rates.

Rarely do people find a way to combine both disciplines to work for them. It is pretty much an either-or situation. But as a SEO specialist I totally disagree with this.

You can improve your conversion rate optimization with the use of search engine optimization, and here are the ways you can do it:

Dynamic Content

By ‘Dynamic Content’, I mean content that changes depending on certain factors such as location and preferences.

Take TripAdvisor, for example. When a person fires either the website or the app up, they will be presented with options based on current location. So, if you’re looking for a suitable restaurant, you will be given a list of restaurants that are near your current location.

Dynamic content is just like that. Instead of overpopulating your website with a lot of different content, it has to constantly change depending on certain factors. It might be tedious to do so, but in the end, you want to give the best user experience to every visitor.

Utilize Neurodesign

The term Neurodesign is just a fancy term that refers to the use of different techniques that help elicit a certain emotion.

For instance, have you ever wondered why banking and social media sites typically use the colour blue? That is because the colour is mostly associated with trust.

Using neurodesign can actually have a lot of important benefits. For one, it helps increase the time people spend on your website. Two, it entices people to come back again at a later time. And third, it helps reduce bounce rates. If you notice, all of these factors actually contribute to better SEO and page rankings. So be sure to utilize Neurodesign to help drive more traffic to your site.

Emphasis on Page Loading Times

Ever came across a website that is just too slow to load even though you have a fast internet connection? Internet speed is irrelevant anymore when it comes to site loading speeds. It is about using optimized content that matters the most.

Unfortunately, even though site loading speed is one of the criteria when it comes to higher page rankings, a lot of people often overlook this. They’re so engrossed with the site’s overall design and content that they do not focus on backend stuff like this.

It is important to audit your website and make necessary optimizations to ensure that your site loading speed is optimum.

The Use of Long-tail Keywords

A few years ago, I advocated the use of short keywords because it provides the most bang for the buck. However, times have changed and long-tail keywords are the new kings.

Use a program called Wordtracker or even Google’s trusty old Keywords Planner to help you find long-tail keywords that have a good volume. Also, use tools that will help track the performance of your chosen keywords so you change the ones that do not perform as well.