Generate Side Income For Housewives

So this time, I want to share about what housewives can do to generate side income.


  1. Dropship

A dropshipper is a call to an online seller who sells something without holding the stock.


What dropship does is, they only advertise items at their own prices.


If there is a buyer, the dropship will make payment to the supplier and the supplier will post the goods to the dropship buyer.


Dropship if you get in the way and choose the right market niche, you can generate an exciting income.


If you are interested in product business but do not want to spend capital to buy this product is an option for you.


I myself have been accustomed to this dropship business from 2011, when I was still studying.


At that time, not many people knew about this dropship activity and not many traders used facebook for business purposes.

Now, I’m still in the dropship business but don’t rely too much on results because I’m aware of the great niche competition.


Especially with the presence of platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and 11street.


If you do not have a unique product, you can still generate side income through dropship but this dropship business concept may not be reliable as the main side income.


If you are interested in doing this dropship activity. I suggest you find a unique product and also learn to create a dropship business using buying and selling websites such as Shopee, Lazada and others.

So, don’t look down on dropshipping as one of the ways to generate your side income.


  1. Become a Wholesaler

If you are really interested in the business and want to generate income based on maximum margins, spend capital to buy products wholesale.


The first quote I shared with you is that niche competition is very strong if you don’t have a unique product.


Especially with the existence of platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and others.


Generating revenue as a dropship becomes a little difficult.


But in the context of my experience as a wholesaler, the situation will be a little different, the chances of you successfully making sales are higher.


This is because customers always want ready stock goods. When compared to dropship, your competition only happens among wholesalers like you. But dropship is competing with other dropships and wholesalers. Also, if you have your own product, you can offer your item for dropship to others.


  1. Selling Services

In addition to generating revenue selling physical products, you can generate revenue by selling services to others.


This service could be a service from yourself or maybe you are just a middleman.


For example, shirt design services, sewing services and others.


Services that you can do as a housewife and are not tied to regular working hours.


In the context of services, I would like to divide into two, namely services done online and services offline.


  1. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Last but not least, why not try to invest in crypto. If you already had experience investing before, then this might be the perfect one for you. Real time cryptocurrency news have anything you need to know.