For First-Time Parents: 12 Baby Care Hacks

12 Tips For Baby Care

  1. Choosing a baby wash for your little one can be overwhelming. There are tons of baby bath products in Malaysia you can choose from! Select a mild baby wash, and then mix it water.


  2. In case you don’t want to make use of a diaper pail, fill an empty baby wipes container with plastic bags for efficient poopy diaper disposal.


  3. Put a new baby diaper under the old one, prior to every change, just in case.


  4. Do you want to wear your little one out and about? Just swap your diaper bag for a quality, lightweight backpack.


  5. Are you planning on carrying your child in a heavy-duty car seat on the crook of your arm? You can pad the handle area with a pool noodle. Just remove it when you are driving.


  6. Do you live in a multi-level house? To make your life easier, you can keep a little baby diaper changing station complete with creams, baby wipes and diapers on every floor.


  7. Always go for baby sleepers which zip up. Don’t go for the ones with snaps which don’t line up. Since babies always wiggle around, you need to be able to change it fast.


  8. Your kitchen sink provides the perfect height for the bathtub, most especially when you are still recovering from childbirth.


  9. Treat cradle cap with a small amount of coconut oil. Then, use a comb to gradually and gently remove the flaking skin.


  10. If your baby doesn’t want to get bathed, consider swaddle bathing. Swaddle bathing means wrapping her in a swaddling cloth or light blanket, and carefully unwrapping her one limb at a time.


  11. Make time for some “tummy time.” This is important, for her to feel close to you.


  12. Let her wear newborn night gowns instead of pajamas and onesies.