Do People Have An Alert From Consumerism?

There is a phenomenon that Many people simply do not know the difference between “promoting consumption” and “consumerism”.

The idea of promoting consumption is to meet the growing cultural needs of the masses, through subsidies and promotions of mostly essential or durable goods, and non-luxury items. The promotion of consumption is about living within one’s means and about businesses giving benefits to the masses. 

The disadvantages of consumerism are mainly that uncontrolled consumption can lead to personal debt and that the goods promoted by consumerism are often luxury goods or services or products that are actually very poor value for money. For example, a belt from a luxury brand that has the same features and materials as a seven-piece wolf costs 50 times as much. Such products are not suitable for the average middle-class person, let alone for students and young people just entering society, but there is constant media and new media showing off the rich to stimulate the climbing and showing off the mentality of these people, suggesting that luxury goods represent social status, and even many TV dramas have made various implantations so that, subconsciously, some of these people take out loans in order to buy such products.

Luxury goods were originally very progressive for society, as they allowed the wealthy to spend more money on things that were less cost-effective but could enhance the sense of quality, thus facilitating the redistribution of social wealth. However, when they are used for non-assets, in addition to increasing debt and financial risk, they also squeeze out the budgetary space that would otherwise be used for necessities or durable goods, thus preventing the real “boost to consumption” from taking place.

Most people’s conditions, for sure, meet the standard of living, but all people care about is the level of consumption, not meeting the standard of living, to illustrate, more people choose a spouse not as if they are pursuing love, but as if they define the other party as the buyer so that they think the other party is the buyer and they are alienated into the commodity. 

Most of the time our work is at the mercy of people and brings very little satisfaction since it does not directly change this discomfort. But it is possible to alleviate this discomfort if we can exchange our labour for a better spare time, so we now go to work, not as the original purpose of life, but as a tool to embrace consumerism later. If working people want to better define their spare time in exchange for more satisfaction again they must work harder for higher pay and still be content to call themselves middle class. You will find that the people who are always urging everyone to work well are themselves not working much.

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