Black Clover, The Return of Most Anticipated Manga in August.

Who doesn’t love an action-packed story filled with magic and combat battles? Well, this article is for those who do, and news flash! Your favorite manga is getting a new release just around the corner. Black Clover or Burakku Kuroba is an up-and-coming Japanese manga series that has been the talk of the town since its first release in 2015  and has only been growing its audience ever since. Black Clover Manga or Anime has both been capturing the attention of avid manga reader and fans all around the world is getting excited after the recent announcement of its release. 

The popular series Black Clover which is written by the author Yuki Tabata is about a protagonist who possessed dark magic, Asta. Unable to manifest his own quirk, Asta was isolated from the rest of the magically-inclined friends and what’s worse, his best friend Yuno is one of the top students in the academy, rumored to be the genius of the century. Against all odds, Asta like a typically righteous protagonist of manga continues to train to overcome his lack of magic and discover his one-of-a-kind manifestation of anti-magic quirk or dark magic. The manga develops into a string of events that led them to fight against the devil himself, which is impossible, to say the least! These exciting turns of events are what have been driving the manga fans to the edge as the latest update of the final arc battle is still yet to be revealed after the pandemic hit in 2019.


Well, the wait is finally over since in the newest announcement of the release of Black Clover, Tabata revealed that the manga will resume on August 1. After three months of going on hiatus, He finally finished preparing for the manga’s final arc which has been awaited by a large following of manga readers. The amass of fan who has been eagerly waiting for Tabata’s comeback also includes readers who can’t wait to read the latest chapter in black clover manga online in Malaysia and the buzz from social media can be seen from the end of July which indicates the excitement of the final arc of the manga.


The launch of Black Clover in 2015 was done in both digital and print garnered more than 15 million copies that have been in circulation globally according to a record as of May 2021. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from readers, the manga has been successfully adapted to anime and premiered in Japan back in October 2017. The first season led with  51 episodes and it continues to a second season with another 52 episodes in October 2018. The season was put on pause for a bit before resuming in October 2019 and again, face a hiatus due to Covid-19. The show didn’t resume up until July 2020 for episode 133. In March 2021 the show finally aired its final episode in March 2021.


Black Clover can be streamed legally from popular streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation both in Japanese and English dub.