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Passwords are another security breach that must be controlled. Surely you have an account on Google, Facebook or Twitter, to name a few well-known services. But if you are tempted to always use the same password for convenience, think twice because it is the opposite of what computer security experts recommend. In addition, having a different password for each thing, these must be strong enough and difficult to guess. Using the solution is essential there.

Data security:

On the off chance that you are responsible for a center, you should ensure that your patients’ data is totally protected. Center Cloud, our facility the board program in the cloud not just encourages the administration of the clinical history of patients yet additionally guarantees that you carefully conform to the statutes of the LOPD.

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Safety when browsing the Internet is largely a matter of common sense. Among the common tips is to avoid suspicious web pages (most antivirus detect this type of virus). Secure websites have an SSL certificate, which means that the url of the website will have an https instead of an http.

  • At present, the information that a company has is as important as the service it offers and not to mention if we transfer this discussion to the personal sphere where our data is used to facilitate the work of the Marketing and Sales departments. In this note, we tell you everything you need to know about the design and implementation of networks to protect your information and promote a flexible work style in your company, always keeping you connected to the Internet.
  • A Starbucks coffee can cross the weather forecast and sales level to predict how many glasses it will sell if it’s cloudy, the sun is out, or just a thunderstorm hits. This is a great example of the work that Big Data does today , one of the most fashionable concepts in the computer world and that serves to transform simple data into valuable information for decision making.


These practices are widely used by the Marketing departments of large companies to learn more about the public they target daily. Thus, the data that tells a company can become your asset more precious. Learn in this note the importance of network design and implementation to protect your information and always be connected safely and efficiently.